Them’s The Meltdowns

I’ll start with mine… BooHoo! I asked ChatGPT to read all my previous posts and then make up a new one for me. Well, it’s not allowed to do that yet… WAAAAH! I thought it would’ve been such a laugh. Hell, maybe I could’ve taken the Wednesday off. But NOOOooo! I’m still here.

So, I saw two pretty serious meltdowns today. Each on an opposite side of the spectrum and the world. For one of them – She said some pretty shameful things on the internet using her real name. I mean I get it, you really hate the world right now. But, I just don’t want to see it hold her back from turning her life around.

Just to clarify, I’m only one of a handful of people that saw this shit. But, racism/transphobia – not a good hill to die on right now. In other words… A Public. Relations. Nightmare.

The other meltdown – I call The Anonymity Meltdown. “Hello world? It’s ME! – Of course you know ME?!?” He’s hid behind dozens of screen names over the years… But, I’m a “REAL PERSON!” And I for one, happen to believe the guy’s story… I mean it checks out. Who else uses words like “Reticulated Webserver” after 34 drinks?!? That’s a Developer. I guess in New Zealand they send you to a Halfway House for eight weeks before they even put you into Rehab. Just to clean you up. It’s a total a stay of 4.6 months. No phone, no smokes, no nothing.

Back to being me. I guess I’m melting – up?!?  My new music trick is to put an Expander BEFORE the Compressor in the beginning. I’ve always been using a mild targeted Expander at the very end of my signal chain. I know it’s a long boring word post and I should be having more fun right now. Because some people out there only wish they were having fun right now.

Cheers! -=’H’=-