‘Sperg Spiral Special

I want to talk about Guitars & Girls this week. My site, my choice.

I’m in trouble with the estrogen nation lately. The Cops were almost called. It was getting pretty ugly. I’m maintaining my innocence though. But, I do question “Is it me?” from time to time. Stripe, The Potsmoking Privileged Neighbor and a new player I call “The Midlife Crisis” all seemed to be getting on my case.

Since The Midlife Crisis is new, let’s chat about her. I like her fine, but I’m not stupid. She has, or is going to have a great guy her own age. And I want to be all happy for her but, I’ll admit it, I’m secretly jealous. So, I’m changing. I have to be a great guy in my own right. It wouldn’t take much to be like ‘Hellooo Hot Work Wife!’ but, if you’re really quiet like me… it’s asking a lot.

So, something I do know a little more about is Guitars. I really like my new RAT’s high end distortion and have been trying to get the most I can out of it. Which does involve some fucking around. Last week I found this Travis Meeks tuning I liked. It’s a drop C# with a high C# drop.

The Asshole Producer asked “Are we going to have to pay for that?”

“Don’t worry, I think he only accepts meth.”

The Business End of ‘H’