Sharing Addiction Solution?

Whether it’s real or imagined. I feel like I get picked on. I keep trying to fix it, even though I know I can’t. There’s only two words I know that can absolve me… “BEYOND REPROACH”. When ‘The Potent One’ says these words about a thing… It really resonates. So, I guess in reality, I’m just your average band guy trying to make his mates think he’s cool. But, in also in reality I get picked on… because I’m such a fucking freak. Until next week.

All I have this week is Vestigial69.mp3 (no, I’m not reposting). It’s Just a slight remix of last week, aptly named b/c It was the year I was born & it’s also 69 bars long. Plus the filename is Vestigial. I’m working on it.

Solution ‘H’

Changes, Changes…

I’m shutting down my computers for the heatwave this weekend. Hence the new host.

Lots of practice is happening. I don’t know why. Just to stay normal I guess. I watched Stranger Things last weekend & it got me all nostalgic for the 80’s. So I’ve been doing some programming work on my old 80’s amplifier. Yup, it’s still cool.

But, I’m not too cool lately. In fact I’m far from being cool. I don’t like anything I do anymore. Everything seems uninspired and mechanical. It’s been such a long funk. I hope it ends soon. Until it does, I’ll “Chay-Chay-Chaaange”.

-Editor H