In Honor

Of Mental Health Day, I’ve been looking at myself. Hard, way too hard. Then I look back at the world… And you know what? It’s not that great. This is how I’ve kept myself moving forward lately, just by a constant mantra of “They’re not that great”. It’s been a large source of of my mental issues. I tend to give people WAY too much credit & I’m trying to stop doing it.



“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” –‘H’

It’s Still Pretty Raw…

No, scratch that. I’M still pretty raw. One more ‘Clean’ weekend to go and then… I dunno what happens. It’s a weird place. There really isn’t any incentive for me to do anything anymore… It’s pretty sad.

So I make up silly make believe reasons just to function… Like I’ll pretend I’m a Cult Leader of the Branch Idjubians. The government has determined that my music is so bad – that it’s dangerous. They have no choice but to take me out, and with extreme prejudice. Full on S.W.A.T. team style… and I’m like ‘Fuck these DOUCHEBAGS!’ – they don’t get it – they’ll NEVER get it.

Turn Radius.mp3 (1:27)

Turn Radius.mp3

Don’t Have Me Committed ‘H’