Mainlining FRONTLINE

If you haven’t caught the 2020 season of the PBS series, do it NOW. I’m finishing ‘America’s Great Divide’ tonite & It raises a lot of issues. Like, I mean who needs Elitists & Prima Donna’s during a pandemic? We need WORKERS! And Trump’s going to be aiming for that vein ironically.

Admiral H

What The Hell Is His F**king Problem?

I know lots of people wish they were working right now but, it really kind of sucks. See, I’m involved with Diesel fuel. Have I been chewed out because an emergency vehicle is down? Yes, several times. So, I guess that simple fact makes me essential.

Do I want to stay safe at home in front of my Digital Audio Workstation all day? Oh God, yes. I wish I had more time and energy to do it.

So, no I’m not crazy. It’s just sometimes my fantasy and my reality clash into a perfect storm. I apologize for my existential spirals.

Peace Frog H

Hail Mary!

A guy really belted an ‘Ave Maria’ outside today, nice pipes actually. But, the trouble-makers are coming. I try to stay away from the news… or else I have nightmares. Fortunately for me my German constitution allows me to live on ‘Wurst’ and beer for long periods of time.

H.G. Otto