Little Idjuba

Hasn’t been posting lately. What’s going on? Is he in trouble?

Perfect Punishment

Okay ‘H’

  • Next Day Notes: It’s COMING Out In 2020!!! And don’t be put off by the title. It’s not like “Victim, I’m Gonna Punish You!” – It’s meant like everybody has their own personal hell… And this just happens to be mine.

Strange Tonal Adjustments

I’m going through some strange shit in my life. Like yesterday, the second day of a wicked winter storm here. Stopped by the store and I see this REALLY familiar looking woman. Me: “Where do I know her from?”. Her, same look back. Do we do this awkwardness? Me: “I’ll see her again outside, maybe it’ll come to me. I just gotta know”. Outside, when I look around the only thing I see is this classic old Volvo Amazon 122 pulling out. Which for me is like “HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I JUST SAW ONE!!” OMG! I Fucking LOVE them, they’re so rare – “WHERE’S MY CAMERA!!!??? I MEAN, IN THIS STORM?!?”

So that’s where my head is at today. I’ve been racking my brain. Maybe, maybe I never met her before in my life. Maybe, when you meet some people, you just KNOW you like them. You just fucking know…



Yosemite ‘H’BACK OFF!!

Note: I missed the picture… This is another old Amazon