It’s Still Pretty Raw…

No, scratch that. I’M still pretty raw. One more ‘Clean’ weekend to go and then… I dunno what happens. It’s a weird place. There really isn’t any incentive for me to do anything anymore… It’s pretty sad.

So I make up silly make believe reasons just to function… Like I’ll pretend I’m a Cult Leader of the Branch Idjubians. The government has determined that my music is so bad – that it’s dangerous. They have no choice but to take me out, and with extreme prejudice. Full on S.W.A.T. team style… and I’m like ‘Fuck these DOUCHEBAGS!’ – they don’t get it – they’ll NEVER get it.

Turn Radius.mp3 (1:27)

Turn Radius.mp3

Don’t Have Me Committed ‘H’

Hold My Martini…

Isn’t that the most common request in Washington DC right now? This is GREAT! What an awesome time to get sober. Not only is it National Recovery Month, but there’s also THE NEWS!! I mean I’m a news junkie to begin with but, this is almost an overdose.

There’s a downside though. Nobody gave a flying fuck about the US coming to an agreement with Universal Postal Union. That and Oh, California…

Needless to say, I find great catharsis in a good Ol’ Ginned up tirade. Keep on the douchebag you talking heads. The olives are on me.

Supportive ‘H’

Idjuba Emissions

Just read the news that the Fed’ll overrule California Emissions. Normally, I’d have a drink and STFU, But I’m not doing that this month.

I’ve got to work this through though… and this is SO DIRTY.

Here’s today’s market snapshot. With GM on strike, we only buy 25% of our autos from US manufacturers. We dropped out of the Paris Agreement. Okay, this is getting depressing.

So where’s the ‘KILLER‘? The next car model we all love? You can’t hold up 2 middle fingers and shout out “FUCK THE WORLD!” unless you have the next Mustang or Beetle up your sleeve. So where is it?!? WHERE IS IT!!!!

Exasperated ‘H’