If You Google “Farty Hans”

It’s the nickname of a German car: The Wartburg 353. This is a total fashion fucking game changer. I can buy a “Farty Hans” hat, face mask, shirt – Oh, this is so good!

Sorry, Hans jokes crack me the fuck up.

The Farty Idjuba Machine marches on. The amp sound’s good but, it’s not dialed in yet. I have a mutant Top Gun theme in my back pocket. Riffing now I’m more into simple… changes & my ‘Amp Guy‘ left it on a preset but, I didn’t get to play with it yet. There’s always tomorrow.

I Don’t Wanna Melt

Stop the world. Is this the point where the center couldn’t hold? Do I solder in a couple new capacitors (It would be like operating on your own pet!!) or do I see a guy?  I’m hoping the latter but, getting prepared for the worst. Let’s face it, my amp’s wicked old & I use the shit out of it. Why does this have to be its last scream?  It wasn’t done.

“I know, I know, I know.”


The ‘H’ Entity (It’s okay – I’ll figure something out – It’s got 2 channels & besides, the “clean” channel still works)

It’s Been Rainy Lately…

It feels good to be a normal Wednesday again. I may sound different this week ‘Cuz I’m usually Freebasing distortion (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) but, I like to play.

The voice in the beginning is Harrison Ford.


Reduced ‘H’

My ½ Minute Hysterical German Deafness

I’m going to do this next piece a little backwards. I seem to wait until the last second to try and sum it all up in just a few words – and it usually ends up quite lacking.

The intro clip is from a movie called: The Naked Witch (1961) – it’s at about the 15:00 mark. Not a great movie but, this scene KILLS ME!

A Student is carrying a suitcase up an old dirt road to the Burr Mill when he sees a man in overalls working. Texas Germans.

The Student: “Hello there”

“Wie geht’s?” – it’s means like Yo, ‘Sup?’ in German.

“I’m looking for a place to stay for the night, I wonder if you could help me?”

“schunnig ziehen” – the German man points – it means ‘Pull quickly’

“Mein Bruder Hans” – “Gut Bier, Weinerschnitzel”

“Sounds Good Enough For Me!”

And then I commence with the rocking. This isn’t the music I’ll be using. Totally different vibe now. I just liked the stereo of it. I don’t know, I was probably Wicked High on Beer & Schnitzel.

Also, I think some stereotypes are funny. I know I’m sick. Take a joke people, resemble a remark.

“Brother Hans”