The Mating Call of the Woorblegurg

Digiredodo? – Portsmouth, NH

I’m fairly adjusted to the local fauna here but, this was weird. I don’t know where the hell this thing came from. Wounded? – I dunno, but I just thought I should explain a little bit about where it came from.

Also, couple years ago… we used a Steven Tyler clip. The Asshole Producer is threatening to kill me if we don’t do a REMIX RIGHT NOW! But, I think we should just move on and see what happens.

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Eastern ‘H’


Mine was acting up. There was Whiskey and there were knobs. Hysteresis was one of those knobs, it fixed some shit for me. But, I can go on and on with the fiddling.

It’s only up from here.  

Sideways ‘H’

* The phenomenon in which the value of a physical property lags behind changes in the effect causing it.

Thoughts on an Individual Extinction Level Event (ELE)

Her enemies think everyone can be an artist/musician/actor/actress

My enemies ARE ARTISTS and I can NEVER BE ONE

Sorry to be Sperging so hard. But, I really have a lot to say about this subject. It’s been bubbling up in me for a while. It’s a weird intellectual / anti-intellectual argument and I’m falling on the practical side of it.

Her enemies think everyone can learn a skill and there’s no such thing as talent.

My enemies are Elite Level Grifters

She’s still mad about it. I’m still mad about it. She thinks everyone has talent.

My first real job was as a Production Artist and I’ve fallen back on that several times in my life to make ends meet. So, my question to my enemies is: Has your “ART” ever paid the bills? NO?!?!?!? SHOCKING!!!!!!!! NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!

As someone that’s had a few ELE’s, you need to get your shit together. Because now, IT’S STORM SEASON!!!

Whiskey86 ‘H’ HaveAGoodDay! StandDown