The Right Grit

So to prelude: Yes, there will be a little German language. Cuz’ I think it’s funny. I could go fucking nuts with the horns & trombones but, it depends on how soon I can come up with the tone for the main guitar riff. It needs to sound both ‘Wicked Shahp’ & a little rounded. After some time away, I realize I was nowhere near as close to it as I thought I was.

It’s gonna be a good summer song, so help me.

Okay by ‘H’

The Blah Induction

My temperature check today kept coming back as “too cold”. Then I had one of those wicked early night dreams. It was about Girlfriends & Antiques. Earlier this week I bought some clamps for a buzz on my guitar, I haven’t put them on yet. Yes, I know how ridiculous they look.

‘Too Chill’ -H

Netflix’s “This Is A Robbery”

The first time I went to that museum*, I saw a Beckmann self-portrait. I still have a print of it hanging on my wall. Now it’s at Harvard. Probably because they had to remodel it. The sulfer smell they had when they dug that place up, Oooof!! No joke.

‘H’ Max

* Isabella Stewart Gardner