Idjuba Emissions

Just read the news that the Fed’ll overrule California Emissions. Normally, I’d have a drink and STFU, But I’m not doing that this month.

I’ve got to work this through though… and this is SO DIRTY.

Here’s today’s market snapshot. With GM on strike, we only buy 25% of our autos from US manufacturers. We dropped out of the Paris Agreement. Okay, this is getting depressing.

So where’s the ‘KILLER‘? The next car model we all love? You can’t hold up 2 middle fingers and shout out “FUCK THE WORLD!” unless you have the next Mustang or Beetle up your sleeve. So where is it?!? WHERE IS IT!!!!

Exasperated ‘H’

Who Likes To Drink & Play Guitar Loud?

This guy. But, I’ve been spending too much time having fun and getting absolutely nothing accomplished!! So, I’m self-imposing a 30 day prohibition. It’s worked before & I’ll be back to yelling “’Tober! ‘Toberrrr!!!” in no time. In the meantime, not sure. Wait and see.

Refreshingly Dry ‘H’

Hey Girl, Nice Shot…

I know that wasn’t meant for me. Someone’s standing right behind me aren’t they? Wait… for… it… No?!? No, I mean Really? Uh-Oh, now I feel stupid. Now I even look stupid. Don’t worry about it me, she’s already forgotten about you… But, I haven’t forgotten. I still just want to cook you up in a spoon and shoot you into my veins.

This awkward occurrence can be abstracted to define a decent* part of my life. And yes, this post’s title is a reference to a song by the band Filter. And yes, my new Mp3 icon is of work by the glass sculptor Chihuly.

Obscure ‘H’ will be back next week trying to be less obscure.

*And by decent, I don’t mean Frequent. But, it happens just often enough to keep my hopes alive. I mean more would be better but, that’s probably not going to happen.


Idjucation /ˌidjooˈkāSH(ə)n/. 1. Possessing knowledge of or about the band Idjuba.

“I’m the most Idjucated man in the History Of The World!! Nobody has more Idjucation than me. My Idjucation is so massive, I mean look at it, it’s YUUGE!

“People always tell me, the only way for them to get ahead is to have more Idjucation. And I have to agree. But, the only way they can get more Idjucation is directly from me… I mean, I’m the only real source. Unfortunately, I’ve got to go away on vacation.

“I apologize for the pain world… I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Over-Idjucated H