Leaving Woodstock

After watching PBS’s Woodstock (on Netflix), I was surprised at how much I liked it. I remembered this personal story I heard once about encountering the Mounted police on the way out. “I was smoking pot, I thought I was so busted” – and it was so enlightening to him that –at that moment in time- the cops really didn’t care. The concert had WON!

And I hold that attitude towards pot today. A Laissez Fair “It’s none of my business” or “maintain” and quickly move on. I can also remember being alive during a time where you Could go to jail for it.

Yesterday marked the Impeachment Public Offering (IPO).

Today I feel like one of those Mounted policemen at Woodstock 50 years ago.

‘H’ Patrol

In Dreams… I Scream.

“I don’t wanna be your fucking friend!!!”. Scary huh? It’s happened a couple times now & I’m trying to figure out how to make it stop. ‘Cuz that’s not healthy right?!?

“You ever heard of Grenada?” – from ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ is my favorite movie quote of the week.

Safe ‘H’

In Honor

Of Mental Health Day, I’ve been looking at myself. Hard, way too hard. Then I look back at the world… And you know what? It’s not that great. This is how I’ve kept myself moving forward lately, just by a constant mantra of “They’re not that great”. It’s been a large source of of my mental issues. I tend to give people WAY too much credit & I’m trying to stop doing it.



“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” –‘H’