The Big Sluggy Period

I asked Bibendum ‘Why am I So Sluggy lately? Is it physical or is it mental?’. My Bibendum will have some deep/profound rubber metaphor as the answer to everything. I mean after last week, I completely dropped off.  No exercise, reduced cleaning and next to no hobbying. I don’t know what the Hell happened. It might make me feel better to say “No, I’m not fucking embarrassed about it” but, I made up a name for this condition: Destructive Self-Consciousness. Or maybe it’s some shitty part of sobriety where I work through emotional stuff. Whatever, back to my lair of strange tunings.

This Post will self-destruct in Three… Two…

November Wrap Up

I think I’m making progress. Still getting used to some stuff but, HEY! I did a trill this week. I never trill. Things are boring otherwise. I feel like I have this looming deadline of the ‘End Of the Year‘ that I keep holding myself to & I know I won’t get everything I want done.


Late Publisher ‘H’   


Finally settling on a sound, time to stop tinkering. I should have time to get something going for next week. Got a couple riffs coming along but, hoping some magic will happen. I’m in a “solution” mode/mood right now. Trying to fix why life is so hard for me does sound impossible, but, there’s an answer somewhere.

Solution ‘H’