It Was Nothing… Right?

I did get a little thrown together on T-Day. It was slightly awkward but, she was cool. A North Carolina girl visiting home. Neighbors. Her mom or aunt is some hotshot Polish piano player. I could give a shit THIS IS IDJUBA! And I will fear no piano.

The Estrogen level in the room was a little high *cough*. But I’m thankful for Jeanine(sp?). She handled my family well and changed my taste in women. I mean, you’ve got to give points for passing that test. Right?

Now I admit I can be dumb when it comes to “girl stuff”. But I’ve been working on it.

Holdup: The Asshole Producer just asked me to ‘kick him in the nuts, as hard as I can’. “Bibes, we gotta talk about his Coke problem”. “NOPE, MY TURN!”

New England ‘H’