Hard to Say Where I Am…

But yeah, it’s that town with the Nazi spray painter hunt going on. And yeah, I had to give up a druggie – I saw him the next morning – he was definitely here – and definitely weird.

So, I was watching old 1980’s C-SPAN when I first heard about the legend of Cocaine Onion Farmer. In upstate New York, at the height of the Cocaine epidemic our boy spent upwards of $40,000 on blow. After driving home Blasted one night he was surprised to find out that his car had sustained no real damage. The rearview mirror was missing. That was it, whew… Until he heard “Honey, where’s your arm?” from Missus Onion Farmer – nothing else was the matter. Well, after they found his arm and four blood transfusions later, our boy Cocaine Onion Farmer lost that arm because too much time went by.

This Doctor also had another interesting story or rather, statistic. If a guy goes away to Rehab, there was an 80% chance his female partner would stay around. But If a gal goes away to Rehab… there was only a 20% chance her partner would stay around. Well, it’s been a few years… Where we at with that?

It’s better now right? Maybe it’s like 50/50 or something? Or am I just channeling Cocaine Onion Farmer? Like ‘C’mon, it’s not that bad is it?!?’ – sounds like the kind of thing he’d say.

‘H’ – Some say… he knew nothing