Netflix’s “This Is A Robbery”

The first time I went to that museum*, I saw a Beckmann self-portrait. I still have a print of it hanging on my wall. Now it’s at Harvard. Probably because they had to remodel it. The sulfer smell they had when they dug that place up, Oooof!! No joke.

‘H’ Max

* Isabella Stewart Gardner

The Red Line

I get it – I’m American, I feel it. I’m not made of money, let’s not break things right now. But there’s always that fucking voice. “C’mon man, you’re not going to hurt it!”  – and it’s right.

Back to my Killing, H

Tonight’s Iraq Frontline

I had a nightmare immediately after watching it.

‘Where am I? A Dining tent? I can’t see out. It’s a mess, I’ll help clean up.’

‘What. The. Hell? It’s moving up?!? Is this thing on a crane or something?’

‘Fuck, now it’s in freefall. Oh. Great. I’m. Gonna. Die.’

Womp! ‘Ouch! Only fell about six feet, I’ll be okay. Scary’

‘Hey! Where’d the parquet wood floor come from?’

‘Geez, are those screws coming up through the floor?’

‘Not funny, they just keep coming and they’re getting frigging huge’

‘Jeez! I’m gonna get impaled on these goddamn things!’

Ends with me screaming.

-Scaredy ‘H’