Can We Just Stop       

With everything being so fucking expensive? I’m tapped out and pissed. I feel like a human-hamster running on a wheel. In the past year, I’ve woken up from dreams yelling “FUCK YOU!!” because I was actually yelling “FUCK YOU!!”. Oh, and like I can afford therapy. That’s no fucking problem nowadays!!

After the Rubber Ducky Fight, I decided to keep a few bails of cocaine with the Rubber Ducks on them for myself. Some magic happens here where Bibendum takes care of this for me. I guess it’s a rubber thing. “I’m only giving you this money if you go to therapy”.

But, Bibes knows the truth. ‘C’mon, How about some payback first?’. ‘Let’s give The Asshole Producer the big White Ducky bail and see what happens. Y’know one last BLOW OUT!’.

Could be an interesting story…

‘H’ is for Hamster

Live from The Drug Infested Den!

You have no idea what it’s like being a mysterious underground blues-rock musician here. Instead of the recognition I desire, I get these bails of cocaine gifted to me with notes on them like “Yoo Iz Aw3some Rock3R H!”. Once I collect a few bails I’ll pay The Asshole Producer with them. I like to keep a few extra on hand because no matter how much I give him, He just comes back 20 minutes later with a gun and demands more.

At least I think I’m giving him cocaine. And that’s the weird part, right? That’s where my current theme starts out. “Don’t Judge Me” guy thought he just bought himself some cocaine but, he doesn’t know what the fuck he just bought. He just knows It’s not coke and he’s going to do it regardlessly and immediately.

It scares me.

The Bail’s on ‘H’

The Mating Call of the Woorblegurg

Digiredodo? – Portsmouth, NH

I’m fairly adjusted to the local fauna here but, this was weird. I don’t know where the hell this thing came from. Wounded? – I dunno, but I just thought I should explain a little bit about where it came from.

Also, couple years ago… we used a Steven Tyler clip. The Asshole Producer is threatening to kill me if we don’t do a REMIX RIGHT NOW! But, I think we should just move on and see what happens.

To vote Remix: Email

Eastern ‘H’


Mine was acting up. There was Whiskey and there were knobs. Hysteresis was one of those knobs, it fixed some shit for me. But, I can go on and on with the fiddling.

It’s only up from here.  

Sideways ‘H’

* The phenomenon in which the value of a physical property lags behind changes in the effect causing it.