Exhale, And Put Politics Aside for a Moment

This week, I went out on a beer run. Not far, I can see the store from my kitchen window. But, a coupla cops came at me fast on the way back. Coupla questions, flashlight in my face. Nothing more than a case of mistaken identity & ‘I match the description’. Could’ve happened to anybody. Right?

But, I had this feeling at the time. Justice is there for me. Might take some time, but justice is there. I called it a feeling because it’s like an unconscious thought – I know how arrogant that sounds.

Not everybody gets that. That feeling.

I wish I could change that.

The 8th Letter of the alphabet

The Red Line

I get it – I’m American, I feel it. I’m not made of money, let’s not break things right now. But there’s always that fucking voice. “C’mon man, you’re not going to hurt it!”  – and it’s right.

Back to my Killing, H

So, Where Was I?

Oh yeah, that Russia poke I made? A few weeks back? The end of August? That actually cost me 10$. See, I have something called ‘Overages’ & they downloaded everything. Yeah, I’m still pissed about it.

I’ve been sleeping a LOT lately! I made a couple of sleepy minutes this week, It’s okay but, I’m not releasing it. No, I’m not in jail, No – I haven’t been ‘committed’. I’m just crashing hard after a couple of sleepless months.

H. Maintains

Like A Lot of People

I watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ last night & here’s my take: I don’t mind the physical tracking. When & Where & Fingerprints. Please don’t forget the #MeToo movement is still very much alive.

The How & Why? That’s confusing as fuck. That’s the nerve the doc pinches… How & Why?

Yep, Shit’s gonna get Real Weird y’all.

WillChill -H