Pandemics Are EXHAUSTING!!!

Last weekend was the first time I’ve had fun in a while. Personally, think I’m coming out of the funk a little bit. I’ve made some enemies over the years & now?  Well, lots of them are fucked. Say Bye, bye to your little social club. What you gonna do now bad people? So, if […]

The Legend of Gab-Dog

Gab-Dog was a pretty girl in a town that was known for its pretty girls. She worked at an Irish pub that inhabited the towns oldest bank. Everyone that met her was instantly struck by her natural onomatopoeia. She was much younger than I, but we met and bonded somewhere during low points in our […]

Mainlining FRONTLINE

If you haven’t caught the 2020 season of the PBS series, do it NOW. I’m finishing ‘America’s Great Divide’ tonite & It raises a lot of issues. Like, I mean who needs Elitists & Prima Donna’s during a pandemic? We need WORKERS! And Trump’s going to be aiming for that vein ironically. Admiral H

Hail Mary!

A guy really belted an ‘Ave Maria’ outside today, nice pipes actually. But, the trouble-makers are coming. I try to stay away from the news… or else I have nightmares. Fortunately for me my German constitution allows me to live on ‘Wurst’ and beer for long periods of time. H.G. Otto