Late Wednesday Night

Fun fact of the day: The guys over at SEAL Team Six actually have 2 ‘.mil’s in their email addresses. So, ie – just thought it was cool. Also from now on I’m calling this hypheny thing “-“ a tack.

TackV6.mp3 *

Hail Bibendum!!!


* This is a LIVING piece that I’ll probably update throughout the day – What a lovely day, what a lovely, Lovely day.

–Around 7pm


–After Midnight


Testing My Nice

Why’s Trump have to come here? I have to repeat this mantra from the movie ‘Band Of Brothers’, “We salute the rank, not the man”. Because, I really need to dehumanize this thing right now.



Okay, So other than the name change – maybe it’s an alter-ego thing – I dunno. I blew a piece of guitar equipment this week. I’ve been shopping for a new one and figuring how to make the old one work again.