In Honor

Of Mental Health Day, I’ve been looking at myself. Hard, way too hard. Then I look back at the world… And you know what? It’s not that great. This is how I’ve kept myself moving forward lately, just by a constant mantra of “They’re not that great”. It’s been a large source of of my […]

It’s Still Pretty Raw…

No, scratch that. I’M still pretty raw. One more ‘Clean’ weekend to go and then… I dunno what happens. It’s a weird place. There really isn’t any incentive for me to do anything anymore… It’s pretty sad. So I make up silly make believe reasons just to function… Like I’ll pretend I’m a Cult Leader […]


Idjucation /ˌidjooˈkāSH(ə)n/. 1. Possessing knowledge of or about the band Idjuba. “I’m the most Idjucated man in the History Of The World!! Nobody has more Idjucation than me. My Idjucation is so massive, I mean look at it, it’s YUUGE! “People always tell me, the only way for them to get ahead is to have […]