Not Long for Consciousness Tonite

Been taking a break from my irreverent self and being quite reverent lately. Loved the new Triumph band documentary… oh, and the new GWAR one too. I’m becoming completely obsessed with the ‘83’ US Festival though. Probably because I was 14 and these guys were all gods. There’s an underground Doc that gets into the Van Halen / Clash kerfuffle there.

This clip however is from a movie called Whiplash. The Farmers Insurance Guy is slapping a drummer. Florida, I’m sorry – I read the news today.


FRONTLINE last night had me reading Plato this morning ‘H’

I’m Not Acting

Like I’m going through something that nobody’s gone through before. But, just trying to be solid while chaos is trying to liquefy me. Little scary.

In ‘H’ We Trust

Show ‘Em They Can’t Get to Ya!

I know I’m just embarrassing myself, so why do it? Well, for lotsa reasons. One, just to take my mind offa other stuff. Two, it just seemed like a good time to be spontaneous & get into a little trouble.



The Invisible ‘H’