There Will Be Funk

I’ve been Hyper-local & Hyper-simple Lately. No big ideas, just maintaining the status quo. BTW, This site will be ‘U:nder M:aintenance’ for the next few days. Something came up.

I’m working on it. I gotta warn you though, the band has been feeling super funky. We have our ‘Creative Differences’ but, we’ll b ‘k.

Stuck Piston ‘H’


I’m done hurting myself for a little while. So let me clean this up.

She went live on IG a Wednesday night right before she died. Just a handful of people were there. “We have fun” was a shout-out to a particular one of us. It was very memorable.

I knew I’d hear about it.

Pain-In-The ‘H’

The Blah Induction

My temperature check today kept coming back as “too cold”. Then I had one of those wicked early night dreams. It was about Girlfriends & Antiques. Earlier this week I bought some clamps for a buzz on my guitar, I haven’t put them on yet. Yes, I know how ridiculous they look.

‘Too Chill’ -H