Setting the Stage

The slight & small improvements are adding up, albeit slower than I’d like. I’m maintaining nonetheless. The show must indeed go on. Here’s where my head’s at in the center of this Dust-Devil I call a life.

What are we really good at producing in this country? Killers & Murderers! Yup, I don’t know if anyone else here even notices or cares anymore it’s so prevalent. Ah, sweet American revenge. I’m a modern guy, I’m focused. It can be done with a girl. It can be done with a tap of the ‘Enter’ key. Either way, I’ll probably ruin my enemy’s lives & nobody’ll notice or even care. Love this country!

Komi-san ‘H’

Morning Composure

I’m in a self-imposed recovery stint. Not preaching about it. I used to do most of my work at night, over a beer or two. Nope, no more… now it’s mornings, and my playing feels stiff while I’m re-adjusting. But I need to do this, even though I’m already dreaming about the holidays…. a good beer… some Currywurst… Oh. My. God!!

Until then, I’m going to be working on my “To Do” list feverishly. And I apologize if I’m “Flaky” it’s just a side-effect of the pandemic on me. Hope you’re coping better than I am.

H’s Bionic Beaver (that’s a computer reference!)

If You Google “Farty Hans”

It’s the nickname of a German car: The Wartburg 353. This is a total fashion fucking game changer. I can buy a “Farty Hans” hat, face mask, shirt – Oh, this is so good!

Sorry, Hans jokes crack me the fuck up.

The Farty Idjuba Machine marches on. The amp sound’s good but, it’s not dialed in yet. I have a mutant Top Gun theme in my back pocket. Riffing now I’m more into simple… changes & my ‘Amp Guy‘ left it on a preset but, I didn’t get to play with it yet. There’s always tomorrow.