Unfinished Business

Okay I just made this up TONITE. I’m celebrating the Celtics* win by making some noise. No, I’m not being careful – it’s really messy, but maybe that’s what makes it fun. These are really dead strings – it sounds like breaking bones when I tune them. No, I mean I WANT that.


Un-gotten ‘H’

* Divisional Game 7 with a ‘Gino Dance’ at the end… all ‘Boogies’ were permitted last night.

Dark Gray Haze (Now with Dirty Black & Blue Clouds!)

This site project keeps getting more stupidly complicated & failure is not an option. The Music Minute will return soon. It’s been morphing through different stages. I seem to want something very simple lately. But then again… it’s February and I’ve been into phrasing.

Fiery ‘H’

Blanket Fort 5000

I’ve really got to finish this new site build. I’ve been putting a LOT of time into it. Nothing really flashy but, a good step forward in function. That said. Hopefully, the rest of it’ll go SMOOTH. Because, My Bibendum – He don’t like the bumpy. He also says “Michelin STAR MOTHERFUCKER!!” – Oh, he just being so crazy.

Upside Down Capital ‘H’

Life In Idjubaland

I tried to get a few ideas passed by the Idjuba Planning Committee but, they were having none of it. “Too tough” they said. Then they said “Oh Lawd He Comin’!” and Bibendum promptly overruled. Anyways, I can always blame my weird behavior on ‘Boostin’.

The ‘H’ at the end of Idjubah