‘Tober’s Comin’!!!

Oh man, this could be a good one. This year’s Octoberfest beer of choice has both ‘Herkules’ AND ‘Magnum’ hops. I also have the appropriate matching liter mug!! ‘Beer Nuts’ have come back in stock… Hold on, I’m hyperventilating. The new guitar part is coming next week… Now, I’m actually starting to believe there is […]

Tonight’s Iraq Frontline

I had a nightmare immediately after watching it. ‘Where am I? A Dining tent? I can’t see out. It’s a mess, I’ll help clean up.’ ‘What. The. Hell? It’s moving up?!? Is this thing on a crane or something?’ ‘Fuck, now it’s in freefall. Oh. Great. I’m. Gonna. Die.’ Womp! ‘Ouch! Only fell about six […]