Can We Just Stop       

With everything being so fucking expensive? I’m tapped out and pissed. I feel like a human-hamster running on a wheel. In the past year, I’ve woken up from dreams yelling “FUCK YOU!!” because I was actually yelling “FUCK YOU!!”. Oh, and like I can afford therapy. That’s no fucking problem nowadays!!

After the Rubber Ducky Fight, I decided to keep a few bails of cocaine with the Rubber Ducks on them for myself. Some magic happens here where Bibendum takes care of this for me. I guess it’s a rubber thing. “I’m only giving you this money if you go to therapy”.

But, Bibes knows the truth. ‘C’mon, How about some payback first?’. ‘Let’s give The Asshole Producer the big White Ducky bail and see what happens. Y’know one last BLOW OUT!’.

Could be an interesting story…

‘H’ is for Hamster