I’ve noticed a thread with some of my clips. They (The subjects) are getting into trouble. I’ve even broken the cardinal rule. That rule, is to NEVER interact/interfere. But, she got me with a clip of her own. “It Can Happen” –  by YES (1983). She just played the opening riff but, it was a gut punch – not the first or last time she could hit me with a song. She spent the next several hours sober – talking about changing and I was locked in. I just had to interject… stay on point lady… I’m only a few months older than you… I fucking get it.

Onion farmers that lost an arm don’t cry… That’s my thought of the day.

It’s not always Schadenfreude with the German kid.

Crazy ‘H’

Crazy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgGkrCV1Afk

It Can happen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p12Dpe1v6xQ

Live Archive

Miss this woman. She’s in jail. She’d get blackout t drunk and delete these streams immediately afterwards. Here’s one from my archives. Being Valentine’s Day and all I poured one out for her. The Asshole Producer wanted to spend time with his loved ones…., Cocaine, Cocaine and more Cocaine. Bibendum spent most of the night dying-laughing about his last “nutshot” on The Asshole. I guess this sounds wicked good when you’re on shit-ton of blow.


Archival ‘H’

Show ‘Em They Can’t Get to Ya!

I know I’m just embarrassing myself, so why do it? Well, for lotsa reasons. One, just to take my mind offa other stuff. Two, it just seemed like a good time to be spontaneous & get into a little trouble.



The Invisible ‘H’

Can We Just Stop       

With everything being so fucking expensive? I’m tapped out and pissed. I feel like a human-hamster running on a wheel. In the past year, I’ve woken up from dreams yelling “FUCK YOU!!” because I was actually yelling “FUCK YOU!!”. Oh, and like I can afford therapy. That’s no fucking problem nowadays!!

After the Rubber Ducky Fight, I decided to keep a few bails of cocaine with the Rubber Ducks on them for myself. Some magic happens here where Bibendum takes care of this for me. I guess it’s a rubber thing. “I’m only giving you this money if you go to therapy”.

But, Bibes knows the truth. ‘C’mon, How about some payback first?’. ‘Let’s give The Asshole Producer the big White Ducky bail and see what happens. Y’know one last BLOW OUT!’.

Could be an interesting story…

‘H’ is for Hamster