It Was Nothing… Right?

I did get a little thrown together on T-Day. It was slightly awkward but, she was cool. A North Carolina girl visiting home. Neighbors. Her mom or aunt is some hotshot Polish piano player. I could give a shit THIS IS IDJUBA! And I will fear no piano.

The Estrogen level in the room was a little high *cough*. But I’m thankful for Jeanine(sp?). She handled my family well and changed my taste in women. I mean, you’ve got to give points for passing that test. Right?

Now I admit I can be dumb when it comes to “girl stuff”. But I’ve been working on it.

Holdup: The Asshole Producer just asked me to ‘kick him in the nuts, as hard as I can’. “Bibes, we gotta talk about his Coke problem”. “NOPE, MY TURN!”

New England ‘H’

Idjuba vs The Army of The Handbag Hero

“Think handbags can’t be weapons? Think again…”

Scripts available upon request.

I may be crazy but, I do have a plan. For example; I picked out the next clip before I posted the last one. I do think ahead. The Wednesday Minute should carry on but suffer. I’m targeting to be done by Spring. It’ll make sense, I’d be crazy not to try it.

I for one, think it will be a spectacular spectacle.

Organized ‘H’

Avec Wednesday

I have a lot to say but, it’ll get misunderstood. So, I’m going to try to keep it light. Can I say I saw something I thought was sexy? A woman pulled out a wine cork with her teeth. Spat it away and bottomed up the bottle. I was instantly like “Hey! How’s it going?”.


Baby Hutt ‘H’