L’Enfant Terrible

I’m so glad the monster I use in the next clip is in jail. I bet it’s hard to get kicked out of jail but, if anyone could do it – it would be her. No, it’s not Ashley.

They’re stoning Ashley! For real. She got hit in the head with a rock.

I’m so thankful I’m not living under a bridge.

The Tragic ‘H’ Channel

No, it’s going good. Some stuff’s slowly coming together – side projects etc.

Le Petit Samedi

I can’t say it’ll make sense later. I can say it’ll make more sense later. Because I for one, am keenly aware of the fact that – this piece makes no fucking sense.

I’m staying up late anyway.


Eleven ‘H’

The Missing Paint Point         

Ok, I have to admit that I’ve been gradually rubbing the paint off my guitar with the inside of my forearm. Not sure why but, I was kinda under the impression that it would always look new.

Or maybe I know that’s dumb?

Pointed ‘H’