Ash Stock

I’m probably going to use an Ashley clip again. Now I like Ashley but, she’s crazy as hell and I wouldn’t want to do anything that could possibly harm her. That said, let me share some of her backstory.

Her job? She domesticated wolves. Yup, made wolf-dogs. Well, unfortunately one day one got loose and the cops had to shoot it. Sometimes she still wears his harness. Ashley lost her job and things took a downward spiral from there. Stripping, Ecstacy overdose, Car accident with a Semi. Meth. There seemed to be no on/off switch with Ashley.

Then she disappeared for a while. I mean, Is she dead? She was using a lot of Meth. It wouldn’t come as any surprise. Who knows? Maybe she’s in a Mental health facility somewhere? Then came some good news, she’s alive and well in a Mental health facility! Then came some bad news, she’s more incoherent than ever.

Now she’s out and holding up a pipe. “This shit will make you see Mermaids in the water”

I wish her well – ‘H’