Big Ol’ Party Speakers

The next minute will probably be mixed with 15” subwoofers. Kind of a silly thing to do but, I have my reasons. I got them years ago from a SeaBee that’s missing a couple digits from Vietnam. We had a really good shake.

Fast Forward. This was part of a guitar discussion today. Why do we continue to do it? What do we get out of it? It was resolved by: If we stop, we lose. We lose, a part of us.

Fast Rewind. I’m remembering the Gloucester speech. ‘When someone’s having trouble and you turn your back on them, maybe your part of the problem’. Which was emotional for me because, some people there have never given up on me.

So, I’m practicing and getting tight.

Can I Gangstalk my psycho now? Oh, yeah dude Your Boss was there. He brought your case file & DNA. I’d expect The Warrant to clear in 72 hours. Harassment from Big Enforcement should begin any minute now. Don’t go Schizo on me doodt, just deal with it like a man.

Pinky Click ‘H’

P.S. I wore Zegna (not a sponsor). And I’m not planning to blast the speakers.