Psycho Victim

Sometimes you have to acknowledge their existence don’t you? It’s such a strange thing to me. That when you do THE SAME THING they did to you BACK TO THEM, It becomes 1000x worse. You become evil incarnate, you have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE. I’m not advising it but, if you ever have the opportunity to make a psycho really paranoid – it’s a pretty fun thing to watch. You become the source of all their problems. You’re the big bad bully that wants to get rid of them. IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

I for one think it’s very fair. I think it’s the very definition of fair. What are you going to do? How are you ever going to get back at me? I’m already too long gone and why would you even want to fuck with me anyway? Being that I’m such an evil mastermind… It didn’t end well the last time, did it?

So, take it like a sane person, you fucking psychopath. I’ll work on being less gullible and preparing for that huge psycho revenge army of yours to come git me*.

Feast ‘O Hate ‘H’

* Actually believes the military is cloning him.