My Environment        

Sometimes perception can become reality. So, I’m going to try and project us in the best light. This is the story of Brenna. I read about her just like everybody else. Front page news. Huge scandal: ‘Ex Police Commissioner faces jail time’ about sums it up. But, it’s all over now – resolved – no more news. She’s just a regular person that I bump into occasionally in the neighborhood. I for one have a crush on her.

So, here’s my news.

Couple months ago, she’s behind me at the grocery store. She just got back from NY – something about NY makes you very friendly when you come home. She’s wearing a very dark black ‘uptown’ type outfit. I’m happy but don’t show it.

A month ago, Friday and it feels like the first day of spring. I may be a color-blind mutant with no taste but, even I could tell you. That was a Periwinkle blue dress with matching shoes – and the hair is longer. This time, I kind of had to give it up.

I don’t want to ‘Doxx’ anyone. Myself especially. And I’m sorry if she thinks I look at her funny. I for one don’t want her in my life because I think she’d be too good for me. The rest of you should be nice. And not to be a dick, but she is only my 2nd favorite local Ex Police Commissioner.

Public Address ‘H’