Bad Girl #2

Happy Cinco!!! You might need a strong drink or two for this one. The true Stripe story.

I live near a coffee shop where people hang out. That’s where I first saw her. Long stripe of gray hair, brown motorcycle boots, sleeve tattoo… rides a Triumph.

During my sober stretch I got very routine. Get groceries at X-o’clock, see Stripe again when I get back. It got to be something I’d look forward to every week. To the point of ‘Aww, no Stripe this week? Bummer’ – Nope, she was in the fucking store this time. Holy shit!! I’m going to wait for her to come out – did that just really happen?

Now here’s where it gets romantic for me. She gets into an old Volvo 240dl wagon. Now I just want to fast-forward through all the bullshit conversation and get to the part where she asks me if I like old Volvo’s – and I can say “I fucking LOVE old Volvo’s!”. If you follow me you’d know that ‘this boy’s in TROUBLE’.

I got one more chance in the store after that. And I choked. But it was a Hell of a good practice. It’s hardball in the wild.

Hard ‘H’