Let me be the first person to make fun of me.

“Sounds like somebody has a girlfriend”

And I’ll address that later. But, since you know my ‘Achilles’ finger now – I’ve had to work on it. Nothing beats a really good practice, absolutely nothing.

So, I’m moving this site to ‘shiny metal’ and I mean this in a computer hardware kind of way. I kind of called it quits when I had to write a letter to somebody in order to do email.

So, my so-called girlfriend – do not fuck with me. I will rack you up $100 fines & you only get 5*. Trainwreck at home and… “I told you Bibes, just hold The Asshole’s face down in the coke… he’ll stop crying”.

So yeah, I said that shit and The Asshole Producer is going to yell at me torrentially for about the next 10 hours. There may be possible gunplay but, Bibendum doesn’t mind being shot.

I’ll be Um-Kay ‘H’

* Weed is still not legal in NH.

PS. I know how crazy this post sounds. Next time: Neighborhood Bad Girl #1