The Missing Post       

The missing post before last was called ‘Leaving Salem’. It was dark & totally inappropriate. So, there’s some stuff you missed out on. I ran into Stripe last weekend – I forgot what time it was & I was completely unprepared for her. I needed a game plan fast before I was on the cover of next month’s “Modern Boglim” magazine. All I have in place is the right attitude. I’m after one thing and one thing only. I can’t tell you all the specific rules in detail but, it goes something like this: We are NOTHING – just spirits and I for one welcome that frigidity right now.

And the Asshole Producer keeps chasing this fucking zygote. Warped bastard. Me? I’m going to go slam some guitar.

Remaining ‘H’

Hello God? It’s Me The Asshole Producer.

You have to help me with this fucking pussy. Me: “You’re such a fucking Asshole, Asshole”.

I have to get him into younger girls. “Shut the fuck up Asshole”.

You’re such a fucking pussy. “You’re such a fucking Pedo”.*

And do you really think that Stripe strategy of yours could actually work? “No”.

You disgust me. “Least I’m not an Asshole”.

“We fight a lot but, recording is getting done. Even though it gets a little vicious sometimes. What that asshole? On Brand? Okay, On Brand.”

Brand ‘H’

* Over 21. Why we’re fighting.

Mornin’ Reaper Dude

Wake up, make coffee, look outside. Person walking, black hoodie, black pants, black upside down hockey stick. This never actually happens mind you, I just have an overactive imagination. It’s all a lie that I made it up. I don’t really see psychos. Or maybe I’M the psycho? Maybe I’m WAY deeper than that and it’s all a front


Reluctant Witness ‘H’

Unfinished Business

Okay I just made this up TONITE. I’m celebrating the Celtics* win by making some noise. No, I’m not being careful – it’s really messy, but maybe that’s what makes it fun. These are really dead strings – it sounds like breaking bones when I tune them. No, I mean I WANT that.


Un-gotten ‘H’

* Divisional Game 7 with a ‘Gino Dance’ at the end… all ‘Boogies’ were permitted last night.