Everyone Should Party With Kee-Kee (My Main Leprechaun)

‘Sometimes I really believe…

You could get any girl…

As long as you’re fucking cool.’*

Jesus, that’s the fucking spirit.

Ever hear the phrase: It’ll happen when you least expect it – I mock this now.

Last week I choked when meeting a lady – and I’m having a hard time sympathizing with myself. Bibendum and my asshole producer aren’t speaking to me. I’ve been trying to push that Kee-Kee spirit deep down inside. To the point where it becomes subconscious. To train my brain not to get logical so fast. In other words, I’m fucking losing it.

I need that negative “you don’t have a fucking chance” voice to say “just be fucking cool” next time.

Other than that, No real ‘Tube Panic’ here. I’m holding but, I still ‘Upped’ just in case. All my asshole producer does is yell at me “Free-er!!!”.

Unauthentic ‘H’ – “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on”

* Brilliant Irish accent