Narrowing Down / Narrow Straits

I’ve got a good couple mutant riffs going at this point. Some lead ins & fade out noodling to make the Asshole producer happy and I’ll be done. I guess I can’t use the fucking name “Highway Z” now 😕 @ConspiracyTrolls – Oh, I totally knew.

At some point, I’m not going to be weird.

Normal ‘H’


So here we are, my Asshole Producer and I are in a stand-off. “I want a long professional sounding guitar solo, right here, right now” he says – Oh, yeah well – Um, no. “Give me what I want and we’ll get back to destroying your enemies!” – Oh God, he knows my weaknesses. Ok Asshole, It’s a Deal. So now I’m spending half my time trying to riff my way out of this stupid fucking deal. The other half I’m trying to get my declining ass into Spring shape. Which just keeps on getting harder.

Mercurial ‘H’

Everyone Should Party With Kee-Kee (My Main Leprechaun)

‘Sometimes I really believe…

You could get any girl…

As long as you’re fucking cool.’*

Jesus, that’s the fucking spirit.

Ever hear the phrase: It’ll happen when you least expect it – I mock this now.

Last week I choked when meeting a lady – and I’m having a hard time sympathizing with myself. Bibendum and my asshole producer aren’t speaking to me. I’ve been trying to push that Kee-Kee spirit deep down inside. To the point where it becomes subconscious. To train my brain not to get logical so fast. In other words, I’m fucking losing it.

I need that negative “you don’t have a fucking chance” voice to say “just be fucking cool” next time.

Other than that, No real ‘Tube Panic’ here. I’m holding but, I still ‘Upped’ just in case. All my asshole producer does is yell at me “Free-er!!!”.

Unauthentic ‘H’ – “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on”

* Brilliant Irish accent


Yay, International Women’s Day! And I’m on an Oma kick coincidentally. It was a strong lesson she taught me once about how to Compartmentalize things. I mean, I’m a Cold War kid, and I grew up thinking that Russians were going to nuke me any given day and BOY! Did I ever got Schooled – with a little Holocaust wisdom.

Now, I’m not saying I believe all Russian soldiers are rock stars, BUT I will have to admit, they probably DO have a few good men – Lieber Dich Oma!!

But from my perspective today:

The War Dogs are out chasing the Whales

and this whole thing

could get out of hand

really fucking fast.

Compartment ‘H’