I’m Going Crazy

February’s half fucking over. Way behind schedule. Listening to A LOT of Goa/Psytrance.

Who is this artist?

I like it for coding /debugging. Which is what I’ve been doing wahay too much of lately. After all, it IS February and I’ve got to get my shit together. “But Bibendum, It was working before I rebooted it!”  You – Fucking – Fool.

Humiliated but, I can vengefully reply to him with a low raspy “Highway Z” – I’d have a hard time explaining that one to a German. ‘You mean Zee Highway? Nein?’

Ah, the old February fight. What I like vs. what I can actually get accomplished & it kicks my ass Every -Damn -Time. Nobody will like “Highway Z” but, nobody will say anything & I’ll be left alone, clinging to my delusion that – Work will set me Free.

Prisoner ‘H’