My Asshole Producer // Mini Saga

My Producer says that for “Highway Z” to really be authentic – it has to be tested on an actual highway at (*wink*) a respectable speed.

Whenever Idjuba starts a big new project we get all mopey. Bibendum of course tries to fix this. “I think I’ve found the perfect girl for you”. I call BS but, he sells her very well. By the time he gets to “She’s really into Open source multi-domain secure email servers”. Ok, ok. Stop! I’m Sold.

“You know how I know her right?” says Bibendum (gulp, silence) – “Wicked hardcore* rubber fetissssh”. Awww dude Noooo! Can you please stop dancing like that ‘Bibes’?

Producer chimes in: “Dance all you want Bibendum, dance all you want.

And I’m just left screaming like a motherfucker

Ordinary ‘H’

  • My Bibendum sometimes has a strong Massachusetts accent

I’m Going Crazy

February’s half fucking over. Way behind schedule. Listening to A LOT of Goa/Psytrance.

Who is this artist?

I like it for coding /debugging. Which is what I’ve been doing wahay too much of lately. After all, it IS February and I’ve got to get my shit together. “But Bibendum, It was working before I rebooted it!”  You – Fucking – Fool.

Humiliated but, I can vengefully reply to him with a low raspy “Highway Z” – I’d have a hard time explaining that one to a German. ‘You mean Zee Highway? Nein?’

Ah, the old February fight. What I like vs. what I can actually get accomplished & it kicks my ass Every -Damn -Time. Nobody will like “Highway Z” but, nobody will say anything & I’ll be left alone, clinging to my delusion that – Work will set me Free.

Prisoner ‘H’

Y’Know How I’ve Been Working on SOMETHING?

Well, here’s a sneak preview. It works but, needs more time. I’m learning – lot’s of stuff.

If you would’ve asked me which one of these items was the most valuable. I would have guessed completely wrong. See, I didn’t even know my own shit. Because it was the one I spent the least money on. ‘You like it? You can have it’. One of the perks of growing up in Massachusetts I guess.

Eventually this is all going to quietly merge into one site. For No fucking reason.

Brought to you by the letter ‘H’ Foundation

Dark Gray Haze (Now with Dirty Black & Blue Clouds!)

This site project keeps getting more stupidly complicated & failure is not an option. The Music Minute will return soon. It’s been morphing through different stages. I seem to want something very simple lately. But then again… it’s February and I’ve been into phrasing.

Fiery ‘H’