Un-Sober Assessment

After 3 month’s dry, I suddenly felt the need to work on a buzz. Made the classic junkie mistake of forgetting I’d just gotten clean. Wicked heavy/hard buzz. I had a great night BUT, the next morning I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t do that again at least until after around June.

The new guitar preset is called ‘AR-15’ & it’s super fun to play. I’ll post soon (trigger warning?).

The Un-Pretentious ‘H’

Forced Mojo (Slight Return)

I watched Rubber (2010)* last week and my Bibendum couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s a twisted tire revenge story. I must use clips from it as tribute. I MUST FEED BIBENDUM!!

I’m working on my insanity defense in case I ever need to have one. Wink. I tapped this week, dropped a step, tuned back to standard. Got weird.

Normal ‘H’

*It’s on HBO right now

The Big Sluggy Period

I asked Bibendum ‘Why am I So Sluggy lately? Is it physical or is it mental?’. My Bibendum will have some deep/profound rubber metaphor as the answer to everything. I mean after last week, I completely dropped off.  No exercise, reduced cleaning and next to no hobbying. I don’t know what the Hell happened. It might make me feel better to say “No, I’m not fucking embarrassed about it” but, I made up a name for this condition: Destructive Self-Consciousness. Or maybe it’s some shitty part of sobriety where I work through emotional stuff. Whatever, back to my lair of strange tunings.

This Post will self-destruct in Three… Two…