November Wrap Up

I think I’m making progress. Still getting used to some stuff but, HEY! I did a trill this week. I never trill. Things are boring otherwise. I feel like I have this looming deadline of the ‘End Of the Year‘ that I keep holding myself to & I know I won’t get everything I want done.


Late Publisher ‘H’   


Finally settling on a sound, time to stop tinkering. I should have time to get something going for next week. Got a couple riffs coming along but, hoping some magic will happen. I’m in a “solution” mode/mood right now. Trying to fix why life is so hard for me does sound impossible, but, there’s an answer somewhere.

Solution ‘H’

Unusually Usual

Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks. Okay I’m gonna call this week’s audio ‘World Of H’. I don’t know what that means but, it’s late and I’m tired. Hence the acronym:



Signature ‘H’