Elimination Spiral

Why is it whenever I finally get around to fixing a thing, another thing has to break? Something’s shorting somewhere in my rig tonight. Mind you, I did go a little crazy during Henri. But, not that crazy.

Before this issue became the main focus of my consciousness. I was thinking about how ‘Malignant Narcissism’ is eerily similar to that of Cancel Culture. Something about it really bothers me. I was in a place where I could forgive it for a while. “It’s okay, they don’t even know that they’re doing it”. But, then It then quickly escalated to a form of absolute RAGE!DO you even KNOW how much DAMAGE you’re CAUSING?!?

Also, tonight. I’m remembering Bob Ross. That wet-on-wet technique. I mean there’s so much you can do with it – and it’s so great to see live. I worked at a place once where the great Bill Alexander had signed a palette & it was (To me a “Happy Painting!” shrine) on the back wall. I got more free art supplies than I could handle.

I should paint before the epic disassembly’s. Who knows, maybe I have ADD? Was there some sort of Bob Ross & Cancel Culture connection I was trying to make? Do I get new tubes? All that and more, next… Wednesday!

Cheeky ‘H’