My Movie Would Have an ‘Intermission’

That’s the project I’m working on. It starts out with some Bruce Lee or something. Then all I have is just the kick drum & guitars but, the night is young.

I’m thinking a lot about the East/West coast rivalry lately. They’ve got the cars but, (Ha! Ha!) don’t have the power! (Electricity). We’ve got the Dunkin’ Donuts addicts & Y’know whatI? I can be illogical too. I know I may sound superstitious lately but, here’s a problem that I have: Bunnies & Butterflies. It makes me sick when I see them frolicking together. And yes, I’m getting damned near close to that point. I had to Google Street View Oakland, CA just to make me feel normal again. Now, where was I?

Screaming has no rhythm. I can *still* use very bad language without words… I’m looking at you bass player, think you can pull this one off?  Let’s not bring him into it right now. I don’t think you know what I’m after here. I just want a clean guitar bass ‘neck’ pickup mixed with a dirty ‘treble’ bridge pickup. And that will happen.

‘H’ as in Idjuba – short like ridge. Idjuba.