Elimination Spiral

Why is it whenever I finally get around to fixing a thing, another thing has to break? Something’s shorting somewhere in my rig tonight. Mind you, I did go a little crazy during Henri. But, not that crazy.

Before this issue became the main focus of my consciousness. I was thinking about how ‘Malignant Narcissism’ is eerily similar to that of Cancel Culture. Something about it really bothers me. I was in a place where I could forgive it for a while. “It’s okay, they don’t even know that they’re doing it”. But, then It then quickly escalated to a form of absolute RAGE!DO you even KNOW how much DAMAGE you’re CAUSING?!?

Also, tonight. I’m remembering Bob Ross. That wet-on-wet technique. I mean there’s so much you can do with it – and it’s so great to see live. I worked at a place once where the great Bill Alexander had signed a palette & it was (To me a “Happy Painting!” shrine) on the back wall. I got more free art supplies than I could handle.

I should paint before the epic disassembly’s. Who knows, maybe I have ADD? Was there some sort of Bob Ross & Cancel Culture connection I was trying to make? Do I get new tubes? All that and more, next… Wednesday!

Cheeky ‘H’

My Movie Would Have an ‘Intermission’

That’s the project I’m working on. It starts out with some Bruce Lee or something. Then all I have is just the kick drum & guitars but, the night is young.

I’m thinking a lot about the East/West coast rivalry lately. They’ve got the cars but, (Ha! Ha!) don’t have the power! (Electricity). We’ve got the Dunkin’ Donuts addicts & Y’know whatI? I can be illogical too. I know I may sound superstitious lately but, here’s a problem that I have: Bunnies & Butterflies. It makes me sick when I see them frolicking together. And yes, I’m getting damned near close to that point. I had to Google Street View Oakland, CA just to make me feel normal again. Now, where was I?

Screaming has no rhythm. I can *still* use very bad language without words… I’m looking at you bass player, think you can pull this one off?  Let’s not bring him into it right now. I don’t think you know what I’m after here. I just want a clean guitar bass ‘neck’ pickup mixed with a dirty ‘treble’ bridge pickup. And that will happen.

‘H’ as in Idjuba – short like ridge. Idjuba.

The Painful Documentary Marathon

I tried to watch 3 Doc’s in the last week.

‘Roadrunner’ about Anthony Bourdain, ‘Val’ about Val Kilmer and ‘Love, Gilda’ about Gilda Radner. I watched them in that order & I got to about here in Gilda before I tapped out.

That’s a Volvo 1800. “STOP!” It’s In the Guinness Book of World Records for High Mileage. “STOP!!” and look where it is “STOP IT!!!” – This is the little ‘Red Flag’ that took me out of the last 15 minutes. I can sit through almost anything but, this was a definite ‘HARD. NO!!’ for me.

Narrator ‘H’