There Will Be Funk

I’ve been Hyper-local & Hyper-simple Lately. No big ideas, just maintaining the status quo. BTW, This site will be ‘U:nder M:aintenance’ for the next few days. Something came up.

I’m working on it. I gotta warn you though, the band has been feeling super funky. We have our ‘Creative Differences’ but, we’ll b ‘k.

Stuck Piston ‘H’

It’s Been Rainy Lately…

It feels good to be a normal Wednesday again. I may sound different this week ‘Cuz I’m usually Freebasing distortion (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) but, I like to play.

The voice in the beginning is Harrison Ford.


Reduced ‘H’

Trying to Sound Rich

One of my “Breakthrough” moments recently was about ownership. I can still put out a shitty piece of spontaneity anytime I want to, because It’s MINE!

The point is, in the end. I just have to be happy about it.

Last night I dreamt about guys falling and cracking their skulls. It scared the hell out of me.

So, in between “No Fear!” and “Healthy Fear!!” is where I meet you this week.

Can’t make up his mind on the 12th bar ‘H’