I’m done hurting myself for a little while. So let me clean this up.

She went live on IG a Wednesday night right before she died. Just a handful of people were there. “We have fun” was a shout-out to a particular one of us. It was very memorable.

I knew I’d hear about it.

Pain-In-The ‘H’


Playing Post-Tawny has me in a very ‘GLAMMY’ mood/place/phase. Which I can pull off. It’s not something I would have liked… Okay, I AM SO FULL OF SHIT!

I’m gonna handle this without a medic, and I expect you to too. I’m trying very hard to be empathetic right now and play something I think she would have liked. This ain’t no fucking love ballad, this is a pure-rock song. And I’m probably NOT going to like what happens to me afterwards.


Let’s Talk Tawny

Before I followed Tawny on Instagram, I visited her account a few times. I thought this was just anonymous browsing. Until one morning, a couple years ago, I woke up to find an IG like and IG comment from Tawny. The Tawny triple double heart! After I picked my phone up off the floor, I followed her immediately.

I was walking on air for about a week and a half. I’ll fucking miss her.

And it ended as weirdly as it began. I know It doesn’t seem real, but I’ve been all mopey and probably will be for the next week or so.

So, I mean nobody tell me: “We Have Fun” right now, I mean absolutely fucking nobody.

Thanks Tawny,


The Right Grit

So to prelude: Yes, there will be a little German language. Cuz’ I think it’s funny. I could go fucking nuts with the horns & trombones but, it depends on how soon I can come up with the tone for the main guitar riff. It needs to sound both ‘Wicked Shahp’ & a little rounded. After some time away, I realize I was nowhere near as close to it as I thought I was.

It’s gonna be a good summer song, so help me.

Okay by ‘H’