First Responder

I’m leaving work last Friday & my dial is set to ‘German Lunch’ – which is just like a U.S. lunch but, with a good beer. Before I leave the parking lot, across the main road I see a car heading down into a ditch. I quickly park & get out. At some point around this time I hear a loud crash. From where I am I can’t really see down the ditch. But, it sounded pretty fucking bad.

I look around for witnesses. Nobody except a couple of people 100 yards down the road too far away to see. The first thought in my head is “SOMEONE CALL 911!! I’M GONNA GO CHECK ON THEM!!” – But, I don’t yell yet – I just start running… and Fucking. Hard.

When I get to the middle of the road, I see the car try to back out. This is a good sign I thought – even though it didn’t get too far. An oncoming car slows down towards me – I nod and wave them past. When I get to the side of the road, I yell down “ARE YOU OKAY?” and an “I’M OKAY” comes back. But, I don’t move – he’d just scared the fuck out of me – maybe I needed more convincing. He steps out of the car and stands up, “YOU’RE OKAY?” I ask him again, and another “I’M OKAY” comes back.

I start to walk away. He starts to walk away. I had to give the couple of people walking down the road double ‘He’s Okay’s’ on the way back. Like me they needed a second one to feel safer too ( Sidenote: this is a great way to meet chicks!! ). When I leave, he’s in the parking lot across the street talking on his phone. “It’s his problem now” – I thought. And my ‘German Lunch’ was soon followed by several more beers.

Fast forward to the Chauvin trial of today. It’s really fucking with my head. This isn’t who I am & I wish there weren’t people like this.

Witness ‘H’

I Get Quiet

When I know I’m going through phases. I had the ‘acoustic’ phase for a few weeks, just watching TV & noodling. Nothing to worry about, I’m gettin’ past it.

The ‘H’ is silent

You’re Darned Tootin’!

I’m watching too much C-SPAN lately, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”. Much Jam Progress is being made for better or worse & Oh, It’s pronounced ‘ID-joobah’ not ‘EYE-djoobah’ okey 🙂

‘H.B.’ – “Have Brain – Will Travel”