After I heard about it on the PBS Frontline Conspiracy episode, I finally decided to give it a listen. HOLY SHIT! – I have so much more to worry about. I’m afraid Biden is going to “Grab My Ass” as well as innocent children’s asses – Please stop, Joe – That’s not right. The Globalists are out to get me. Then the Fucking Goblins are out to get me. Now the Satanists are out to get me. Whoa! Stop. Right. There!

I for one have seen a fun little flick called ‘Hail Satan?’. Turns out, Satanists ain’t the devil worshippers they used to be. Nowadays, they’re just keeping some of these religious zealots in check. Because, Umm… yeah. Sometimes they can really Go. To. Far.

“Save My Ass” -H