Just A Glimpse

Inside my fucked up subconscious. I’m dreaming that I’m rising high up over Paris, France. I look down at the Eiffel Tower and it seems tiny. I don’t like heights, so I just want to get the hell off. Then the ride stops. I can see the ‘down chute’ I’m after is only available by traversing some thin 2” pine planks. I hate this. I panic. I wake.

Now, I’m no dream analysis expert. But, I DID NOT FALL!!! That usually implies you’ve fucked up and might need to change something in your life. So, I dunno. I’ve never been to Paris – no emotional attachments there. But, I’m oddly drawn to it AFTER all this weird shit.

So, inside my twisted artsy brain. I’m either gonna try and make you feel this experience. Or maybe, maybe I’m just going to say to someone “You repeatedly got WAY TOO HIGH on the bad stuff and now: WE. ARE. DONE!!!”. Period.

Relatable H