Just A Glimpse

Inside my fucked up subconscious. I’m dreaming that I’m rising high up over Paris, France. I look down at the Eiffel Tower and it seems tiny. I don’t like heights, so I just want to get the hell off. Then the ride stops. I can see the ‘down chute’ I’m after is only available by traversing some thin 2” pine planks. I hate this. I panic. I wake.

Now, I’m no dream analysis expert. But, I DID NOT FALL!!! That usually implies you’ve fucked up and might need to change something in your life. So, I dunno. I’ve never been to Paris – no emotional attachments there. But, I’m oddly drawn to it AFTER all this weird shit.

So, inside my twisted artsy brain. I’m either gonna try and make you feel this experience. Or maybe, maybe I’m just going to say to someone “You repeatedly got WAY TOO HIGH on the bad stuff and now: WE. ARE. DONE!!!”. Period.

Relatable H

My Sunday Morning Run

There is no Labor Day car show this year. But, the car gods just sent me a sign – a sort of Revelation – if you will.

I’ve become accustomed to seeing a lot of classic cars when I run along this pretty coastal road. ‘Sunday Drivers’ we call them.

Now, I’ve NEVER seen a Volvo P1800 around here. Hell, I’ve never seen one period. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but after a few miles It just hit me like a ton of bricks out of the blue. I stopped dead in my tracks and let loose this unconscious sexual “Ohhh,Uhhh!!” – it was a mint condition gold convertible. Top down and stopped at a light, I mean it was RIGHT THERE!

Embarrassed, I turned to see that the guy behind me was wearing headphones, “Thank God he didn’t hear that” I thought. Secondly I thought, “what’s wrong with him? Did he NOT see that?”

My love of the Volvo Amazon P120 is no secret. But, I think I’m a P1800 guy now.

Or maybe I’m just highly suggestible after running a few hard miles. Runner’s High?

-Let’s Roll ‘H’


And I’m a happy boy. So, my guitar thingy came with a nice little practice amp. Great for a ‘soloist’. So, it’s been a fun –but out of character– practice week for me. Some other shit:

HELLO MY RUSSIAN FRIENDS!! Why you only visit me right before every election?? It makes you look foolish. But, I WUV MY WITTLE ‘PINKO FOOS’!! Nice trick, NOW SEND ME SOME SPUTNIK V SOLDIERS!!

Lastly, this pandemic has really helped me to master my life. I know, I know… what life? ‘Cuz I’ve always kept to myself. But, now… Gettin’ so good, I feel like I could give lessons.  

H The Great – Russia poke

‘Tober’s Comin’!!!

Oh man, this could be a good one. This year’s Octoberfest beer of choice has both ‘Herkules’ AND ‘Magnum’ hops. I also have the appropriate matching liter mug!! ‘Beer Nuts’ have come back in stock… Hold on, I’m hyperventilating.

The new guitar part is coming next week… Now, I’m actually starting to believe there is a force in the universe that can only be described as ‘Hans Luck’ that’s making this all possible.

Hans Luck