What The Hell Is His F**king Problem?

I know lots of people wish they were working right now but, it really kind of sucks. See, I’m involved with Diesel fuel. Have I been chewed out because an emergency vehicle is down? Yes, several times. So, I guess that simple fact makes me essential.

Do I want to stay safe at home in front of my Digital Audio Workstation all day? Oh God, yes. I wish I had more time and energy to do it.

So, no I’m not crazy. It’s just sometimes my fantasy and my reality clash into a perfect storm. I apologize for my existential spirals.

Peace Frog H

Hail Mary!

A guy really belted an ‘Ave Maria’ outside today, nice pipes actually. But, the trouble-makers are coming. I try to stay away from the news… or else I have nightmares. Fortunately for me my German constitution allows me to live on ‘Wurst’ and beer for long periods of time.

H.G. Otto

I Know What I Need To Do

And I don’t really feel like doing it. I’ve got to slow it down. Just play what’s in my head, it sounds simple enough. But, it’s always more complicated. Slower tempo, chugging guitar riffs, old movie clips for vocals. What’s so hard about that?

I think it’s accepting the reality that it’s NEVER going to sound as cool as it did when It started playing in my head. Ah, ain’t life always that gray area?