Strange Tonal Adjustments

I’m going through some strange shit in my life. Like yesterday, the second day of a wicked winter storm here. Stopped by the store and I see this REALLY familiar looking woman. Me: “Where do I know her from?”. Her, same look back. Do we do this awkwardness? Me: “I’ll see her again outside, maybe it’ll come to me. I just gotta know”. Outside, when I look around the only thing I see is this classic old Volvo Amazon 122 pulling out. Which for me is like “HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I JUST SAW ONE!!” OMG! I Fucking LOVE them, they’re so rare – “WHERE’S MY CAMERA!!!??? I MEAN, IN THIS STORM?!?”

So that’s where my head is at today. I’ve been racking my brain. Maybe, maybe I never met her before in my life. Maybe, when you meet some people, you just KNOW you like them. You just fucking know…



Yosemite ‘H’BACK OFF!!

Note: I missed the picture… This is another old Amazon