It’s Still Pretty Raw…

No, scratch that. I’M still pretty raw. One more ‘Clean’ weekend to go and then… I dunno what happens. It’s a weird place. There really isn’t any incentive for me to do anything anymore… It’s pretty sad.

So I make up silly make believe reasons just to function… Like I’ll pretend I’m a Cult Leader of the Branch Idjubians. The government has determined that my music is so bad – that it’s dangerous. They have no choice but to take me out, and with extreme prejudice. Full on S.W.A.T. team style… and I’m like ‘Fuck these DOUCHEBAGS!’ – they don’t get it – they’ll NEVER get it.

Turn Radius.mp3 (1:27)

Turn Radius.mp3

Don’t Have Me Committed ‘H’