Life In Idjubaland

I tried to get a few ideas passed by the Idjuba Planning Committee but, they were having none of it. “Too tough” they said. Then they said “Oh Lawd He Comin’!” and Bibendum promptly overruled. Anyways, I can always blame my weird behavior on ‘Boostin’.

The ‘H’ at the end of Idjubah

Un-Sober Assessment

After 3 month’s dry, I suddenly felt the need to work on a buzz. Made the classic junkie mistake of forgetting I’d just gotten clean. Wicked heavy/hard buzz. I had a great night BUT, the next morning I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t do that again at least until after around June.

The new guitar preset is called ‘AR-15’ & it’s super fun to play. I’ll post soon (trigger warning?).

The Un-Pretentious ‘H’