Messages To Idjuba

In all Russian / all in Russian:

“Cast aside doubts and take it all”

“You don’t need to know much, just work hard”

“Don’t look for problems where there are none”.

Maybe it was the timing of the last one that got to me but, I felt a little connected like, ‘it’s good to hear you say that’.

War Wisdomed ‘H’

Nobody’s Seen       

The Handbag Hero in a while. He HATED The Midlife Crisis storyline. Bibendum’s giggling like, he knows where he is. So, let’s continue…

I saw the hand. It’s game on. When I pounce, I fucking pounce.

But, what’ll really drive The Handbag Hero crazy is… I can be cool about it. Not every girl loves you Handbag.

Wise Old Fool ‘H’

In Between Wednesdays

I had a birthday. I asked for nothing to be done. But then, Oh look! It’s The Midlife Crisis with Cake! I have a weird thing about looking at her ring hand. I won’t do it. “Oh, there’s so much smoke!” – wave, wave, wave. “I hate you” I thought as I looked away.

That night I bought a couple new toys. Now I’m even squeakier.

Unknowing ‘H’