The Handbag Hero Stole Stripe!

No. It’s going good. Well, at least by doing nothing I’m not fucking anything up.

But, I’m getting to the point where I really start to love the jam I’m working on.

Thank fucking God I’m not an artist. The pressure they must have.

The ‘H’ Note

The Big Billboard Boogaloo Bonanzarama

It’s been a very trying week. And well, you don’t know what the hell I’m working on. And that’s for the best. Sometimes you need to create things offline. Sometimes you don’t want to talk about it – and to ask an audience – to ignore the explanation.

There’s Gonna be some deep shit out there, and we can’t use no Goddamn anchors.

Killer ‘H’

Ash Stock

I’m probably going to use an Ashley clip again. Now I like Ashley but, she’s crazy as hell and I wouldn’t want to do anything that could possibly harm her. That said, let me share some of her backstory.

Her job? She domesticated wolves. Yup, made wolf-dogs. Well, unfortunately one day one got loose and the cops had to shoot it. Sometimes she still wears his harness. Ashley lost her job and things took a downward spiral from there. Stripping, Ecstacy overdose, Car accident with a Semi. Meth. There seemed to be no on/off switch with Ashley.

Then she disappeared for a while. I mean, Is she dead? She was using a lot of Meth. It wouldn’t come as any surprise. Who knows? Maybe she’s in a Mental health facility somewhere? Then came some good news, she’s alive and well in a Mental health facility! Then came some bad news, she’s more incoherent than ever.

Now she’s out and holding up a pipe. “This shit will make you see Mermaids in the water”

I wish her well – ‘H’