Easter Picks

Last Friday I woke up with a deeecent chest cough. Uh-Oh two weeks ago! Call into work, schedule a Covid-19 test, take that. Then I take a negative home test. Now since I’m not an asshole, I’m still waiting for the lab results before I start the mother up.

I’m feeling better now. Starting to clean up after myself. But God, what a self. Six guitar picks found & counting. Really turning the place over.

I know I’m a total phony but, some of these picks are REALLY carved.

The Unacceptable ‘H’

Update: Wicked stuffy – just took a couple Benadryl

Different Wednesday

Publish first, then play. New thermal paste on the computer, worked out. Since bad things happen in 3’s. I’ve been able to fix my microwave using a hair dryer but, I don’t think it’s going to make it.

My heads been into the ‘Gunslinger Theory’ lately. Yup, brainy stuff. The theory is… in an old fashioned-y “DRAW!” type of gunfight. The guy who draws first loses. Why? ‘B/c, he has to think about it… & the second guy who doesn’t… just unconsciously reacts & faster = wins.

Time, injury, decline… NORM!!!

Now, I have to deal /w myself ‘H’

**Amp Update Monday**

I WON ONE! & Gary agreed to take the tip: “A lotta guy’s wouldn’t’ve touched it”. Now it’s character HAS changed a little. It’s low persistent hum is now a high persistent hum but, nothing I can’t deal with “In Post” & It still has a RIDICULOUS scream!

The zooming fighter jets overhead for the airshow might’ve helped my case a little. Maybe I WILL take my ridiculous 80’s amp home & play the “Top Gun” theme now pal, Maybe I just will.

 Chipper ‘H’

Calling All Caps

Looks like I’ve blown through a couple o’ high voltage caps & I’ll have my amp back tomorrow. That’s the next fight I’m prepping for. “That’s for the tip” – Gary who owns the shop probably won’t let me. “Oh, No” & that Gary headshake. Somehow I always end up losing & feeling so bad about myself but, I’ve gotta try. Hell, maybe he won’t be there.

I’ve been working on my anxiety. I spent last weekend at Lime Rock Park repeating the mantra “Nobody Cares” when I felt weird. I’ll deal w/ myself. The good news is, I got new caps!!!

Amped ‘H’