Tough Times Thursday

I’m okay but, every once in a while, I’ve gotta flip the ‘This is no way to live’ switch to “On”. So, there may be a few changes. I don’t know what the fuck is up lately. But, something in me wants to find out. And something in me doesn’t want to fucking know.

So, to forget about it. I buy new used gear.

Decapitated ‘H’

Gun Bumps

Who does Coke off a gun? That’s right, The Asshole Producer. He’s getting back to normal. “You SUCK!!” He’s been screaming at me. A bit sensitive lately he is. Bibendum steers me right though “He’s right, YOU SUCK! but, that’s a good thing”.

He leads me to believe that the only thing keeping us together is the fact that I Suck. And if I were to cease to suck, we’d all break up.

I let Bibendum get away with the Royal “We”.

Bumpy ‘H’

Carrying The Asshole

Bibendum’s got the legs. What a mess. But I’m still kinda proud. His level of imbibing has been epic thus far. I’ve never seen anyone do a whole PCP/MDMA/DMT ball before. Looks exhausting though.

Enabler ‘H’

A Few Seconds Minute

The Asshole Producer has been stockpiling drugs & liquor “For The Victims“. So, I had to call Bibendum off the Nutshots for a little while. “Do The Handbag Hero” I said. “It’ll be funny” I said. “YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!” laughed Bibendum loudly.

Homeboy ‘H’