Sometimes the Beat Is Off

And sometimes your just not keeping the beat.  I’m starting out with a new riff that tonite – I think is awesome. All positive that tomorrow I’ll still love it and continue to work on it. And if you listen really hard you might even detect a slight style. But I’m exhausted… and fresh tomorrow me will probably think it sucks.

‘H’ Display

I’m Not Acting

Like I’m going through something that nobody’s gone through before. But, just trying to be solid while chaos is trying to liquefy me. Little scary.

In ‘H’ We Trust

The NonDelivery of the SpiderCapo

So I’ve been doing nerd stuff instead. Just a heads up, a new & slightly improved Idjuba website is on the horizon.

I’ll post this as a Ramble. I’m beginning to accept ‘Gentrification’ as a way of life. You kind of get forced into it. These people are killing it on the money front. I hope some of it rubs off. And there’s going to be heavy times ahead but, I can’t turn it down. And I wish I could explain to you why… And I’m. So. Fucked.

And my ears are getting weird.

Fuck Sicko’s ‘H’